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Why Choose GPS Plumbing For Your Repipe Specialist.

Are your water pipes getting old? Do you still have lead pipes that need to be replaced? If you need new water pipes, for any reason, you want experienced and skilled plumbing technicians to handle the job. You want GPS Plumbers. If your pipes are old, have many sources of leaks and are broken beyond repair, repiping is the answer. Call for skilled Melbourne Fl repiping services.

At GPS Plumbers, we’ve provided comprehensive plumbing services to individuals and businesses in the Melbourne area for more than 30 years. Every one of our plumbing techs has a minimum of 10 years in the trade, and our support staff boasts more than 30 years of plumbing experience. When you hire us to handle a specific task, we’ll also keep our eyes open for any other plumbing concerns, so that they can be addressed before they pose serious problems.

No repiping services, plumbing problem is too big or too small for us.

For answers to your questions about any plumbing concern, call GPS Plumbers at 321.698.6104 or send us an e-mail to We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to your call.

Our Repiping Services

We handle all aspects of any type of re-piping project. We’ll:

  • Locate, remove and dispose of all existing pipes
  • Design and install all new piping, helping you choose the type of piping that is best suited for all your plumbing needs and concerns

We are committed to serving you, each and every time, with honesty and integrity.

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Let’s face it, repiping your home is not an enjoyable experience. Most people dread dealing with a repipe company who won’t keep their word, can’t stick to a schedule, or leaves their house a mess. 

Pro-Tech is here to make sure your whole house repipe exceeds your expectations. Our plumbers are friendly, knowledgeable and use the highest quality materials. We also offer amazing responsiveness and customer service.

What Is a Total Home Re-Pipe?

A total home re-pipe is exactly what it sounds like. It involves the total removal of all pipes in your home. Once those pipes are removed, they are replaced with a brand new pipe system. It might seem like a drastic procedure, especially since it involves getting into your floors and walls, but there are situations where it doesn’t just make sense, but actually might be vital for the benefit of your home and family. Read More


What our customers say about us

Waltraud Erika Barthelmas

We had an unexpected problem with the outside water spigot,it broke still inside the concrete wall. Ryan just returned from work to his house and my son asked him for help.Ryan fixed our problem within a short time.He was very friendly,helpful and amazing. We are very grateful to him,since we are not familiar with the plumbing system in our house.We did not even know where the main shut off was! Now we know!

David Marcus

I cannot speak highly enough about this father-son team (Ed and Ryan). Highly highly highly recommend! Professional, prompt, experienced, efficient, and incredibly personable and friendly. They are hands down the best in town, and I will definitely be calling upon their services again the future! Thank you GPS Plumbers!

Jeff DiDonato

Called GPS on Tuesday around 11 and arranged for this team to come and change my water heater which had stopped working. They also repaired a shower cartridge in the handle of my shower quickly and without mess all this was completed by 4 that afternoon.

Here are the most common types of piping available today:

This is a durable and versatile material that is suited for all your household needs. Because it’s easy to install and is ideal for use in a variety of applications, it’s a popular choice for both interior and exterior piping.

This stands for polyethylene piping. This plastic material is relatively durable and versatile and can withstand basic temperature variations. PEX is resistant to scaling, chlorine, and corrosion and the pipes can be pieced together without elbows or joints.