Transportation Industry

FDC Gates are a staple in the transportation industry. For an industry that involves the movement of people and products, security is a necessity. Industries such as airlines, buses, trucking, railroads, shipping and logistics of have plants, warehouses and other facilities that require security gates on the premises.

Airlines require a lot of security measures. Both vehicular and pedestrian access points must be monitored and secured. Airports are basically a bustling metropolis of their own. With flights landing and taking off at all hours, and millions of people coming and going at all times, perimeter security is paramount.

Railways have stations that pick up passengers, or in more industrial applications, stations to load and unload product. These stations need to have train yards secured to protect assets as well as the community.

Shipping yards are huge and even larger perimeters to secure. Whether the goal is to protect shipping containers, passengers, or even sea-faring vessels themselves, industrial gates are all around the premises to control who comes and goes at any given time.

Trucking is a huge industry that employs millions of people. Trucks bring products from ship yards to warehouses as well as retail destinations. Warehouses and truck yards need perimeter security and industrial gates.

Perimeter security can take many forms.  Commonly a perimeter fence and gate get the job done.  Sometimes the vehicular gate requires a guard station, other times an access panel or call box suffice.  Turnstiles and pedestrian gates cover the foot traffic, often with a credential such as an employee badge granting access.  Depending on the level of security needed, fences can be topped with climb deterrents such as barbed wire.

When it comes to an example of an industry that needs to focus on security, there is no greater example than the transportation of people and products. Safety, security, reliability…that’s what FDC StrongWeld Gates are all about.


Our Strongweld gates are exactly what you have been looking for, a secure gate Investment that is Lightweight, Durable a Mill Finish to keep it Maintenance Free / Won’t Rust.