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High-Security Vehicle Gates


Maximum security facilities require high-security vehicle gates to keep certain people out and certain people in.  FDC StrongWeld vehicle security gates are known for their strength, durability and reliability.  These high-traffic gates are some of the most important security gates around, so they need to be kept running properly at all times.

StrongWeld security gates are constructed with aluminum frames and chain link material and can be fitted with a variety of security materials such as barbed wire or razor wire.  Standard sizes go up to 40 feet.  We utilize a v-track system for maximum security and reliability.  Our high security gate operators are built for maximum use and abuse.  They deliver more cycles than most other electric gate operators in the industry.

Why StrongWeld?

When security matters, correctional facilities rely on FDC StrongWeld gates to create a vehicular barrier that is hard to get past while not over-taxing the electric gate operator responsible for moving it repeatedly day-in and day-out.  Our standard design takes all of these elements into consideration to create the perfect mix of immovable barricade for man, and nice-and-easy for machine.

StrongWeld gates are built in Melbourne, Florida and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or overseas.  Our gates reach up the east coast to North Carolina, they head west to Texas, and they even sail to the Caribbean.  Anywhere you need a gate, FDC can deliver.

For over four decades, FDC has delivered on its promise of strong, reliable gate installations for some of the most important facilities in the country.  With all our experience, we have been able to conquer the toughest challenges and come up with the most creative solutions the industry has seen.  Put our knowledge to the test.  Contact an FDC representative today to help design your facility or come up with a solution to a nagging or potential security problem you want handled.

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